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""OceanPurrls BiColor & Solid White Persians
Oceanpurrls specializing in CFA Top quality Persians for showing ,breeding and pet. we our known excusivly for the sweetest looks & dispositions on our persians . Specializing in Van bicolors and solid whites, all with top CFA NW,RW GC Pedigree's
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(N) Alegría
Alegría. Small Norweigan breeder in solid colours, also chocolate and lillac.With or without white.We have much info on our pages - welcome!
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(N)Alegría - British Shorthair
We are from Norway, living with these beautiful cats! We breed the solid colours, included chocolate and lilac. Also bicolour. Welcome to our homepage!
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3 Good Cats: Kelly, Lizzie, and Caitie-Belle
Kelly is handsome and intelligent, and he adopted us. Before choosing Lizzie, we looked at dozens of other homeless cats. Caitie-Belle is a smart, beautiful calico who was rescued from neglect. These 3 Good Cats now share our home and our love.
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A Cat's Life
A Cat's Life is a website dedicated to my 11 wonderful Kitties, Our Story, Our House, our Kitty Friends and Kitty Angels. All of my Kitties have been adopted from Orphans of the Storm.
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quality shows & breeders made in FRANCE ! Vans-Harlequins-Bicolors PKD negatif ! pedigrees CFA & LOOF-"cattery Of excellence" CFA-"certificate of "capacity of breeder" Ministry French Agriculture. Thank you to vote for me and to sign my guestbook.
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A Cattery of JEWELS Ragamuffins
A cattery producing huge floppy dog like cats in all colors and patterns with blue eyes, specializing in dilute tortie and lynx bi-colors,5year written guarantee....
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a cute little kitty called Caldecat
Dedicated to the best kitty who ever lived, my sweet calico cat Caldecat. We had eight wonderful years together, but she was tragically lost in 2007.
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A Lucky Calico Cat
Why is a calico cat always a femela one? What are vibrissae (whiskers) good for? What is the cat`s tail good for?
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A page for my cat, Sidney Z.
This is the personal page for my cat, Sidney Z. He eats lots of cords, but I still love him. I named him after Sid Vicious.
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A Persian Cattery--Zhao
Zhao Persians specializes in top quality bicolor and solid Persians from National/Regional winning lines. Please come visit our brand new site to check out our cute kittens!
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A Struggle with Feline Diabetes
How a human rescued three homeless kittens and they became a loving family, then came their struggle with feline diabetes, hyperthyroidism and kidney failure.
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A Tale of Two Kittens
Follow Simba & Gizmo as they grow from kittens into cats -- lots of cat photos! Read informative articles, browse the links or shop in the store.
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A Writer's Cats
The cats of science fiction author Sylvia Engdahl.
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Abyssinians from Merindalee
Australian Abyssinian cat breeders. Quality house raised kittens in Ruddy and Red with availability updated regularly. Interesting facts about the breed and many Photos of our Abyssinians.
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