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Weird and Unusual
A page for my cat, Sidney Z.
This is the personal page for my cat, Sidney Z. He eats lots of cords, but I still love him. I named him after Sid Vicious.
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Absolutely the World's Greatest Cat Toys
All handmade of 100% acrylic and Packed with potent catnip. Your cat will go Wild! Many whimsical varieties are available, as well as Cat Toy Patterns and Bulk Catnip.
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Action Cat Toy-Polekatpole
Generates hours of interactive fun for you, and your cat. Just cast out the 'kat-bait', reel in, and watch your cat attack! This toy will stimulate even the laziest cat.
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Alopecia Sphynx & Peterbalds
Our quality Sphynx are T.I.C.A. & C.F.A. reg. We have kittens available. We offer written health contracts. US shipping & International
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Australian Cats
This is what is happening to cats in Australia.
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Billy Slee: A Painting Cat.
Fine Feline Original Art, Prints and Note Cards, From A Cat Who Actually Paints.
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Bluebird Gardens
How to make cat cars out of recycled boxes.
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CALICO_CATS2 is all about every color of cat or kittens & RAISING kittens , all breeds & assorted colors , we have rare and domestic colors also , everyone is welcome to share pix & jokes & stories
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Cat Cam
Welcome to the CAT CAM! Cute, sleeping cats! What more could you ask for?!?
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Cat Island Designs
We make kitty hats for kids, cat napping mats, and blank cards featuring vintage photos of cats.
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News and Jokes by cats, for cats. No humans allowed!
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An online mall for cat lovers and the cats who own them.
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Cats in boxes
View and submit photos of cats in boxes.
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The next generation litter-box that can toilet train your cat!
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CatStruction Company
Manufacturers of the Ultimate Luxury Hammock for Cats!
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