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100% Pet Spring Water
100% Pet Friendly Spring Water is bottled pet water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth.
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A siamori
Cattery of Bois de la Plaine. Siamese and oriental cats
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A Struggle with Feline Diabetes
How a human rescued three homeless kittens and they became a loving family, then came their struggle with feline diabetes, hyperthyroidism and kidney failure.
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Adoptable FeLV/FIV/FIP Cats/Kittens (free posting)
A free resource to post adoptable FeLV/FIV/FIP Cats/Kittens, it's free for anyone to use. The only conditions are NO posting any "Free to good home ads", and the Cat/Kitten should be spayed or neutered before placing.
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All About Cats
Information on cat health, nutrition and behavior. Topics include flea control, declawing, cat food ingredients, feline herpes virus, spay/neuter, litter box issues and kitty product reviews.
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All Things Cat
Alternative views on cat health, cat food, hairballs, litters and handmade cat gifts.
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Angel Cat Memorial Plaque
Personalized Angel Cat Memorial Plaque is a great way to pay respect to your long time companion who has passed on. You can place this plaque either at the head of their burial site, or simply in their old favorite place to hang-out in your yard.
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Animal Lover Central
All natural, safe & effective products to help your pet live a long healthy life. Pet nutrition is so important.
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Animal Pet Doctor
What To Expect When You Go To The Vet for hundreds of feline problems, injuries, and diseases. Lots of info, lots of interesting comments. Other topics include animal politics, owner responsibilities, and the human animal bond.
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Animal Zone
A very cool site with heaps of stuff on animals.
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Ask Ms Stinky
This web site offers advice for felines and their humans. We talk about grooming, health isses, cat products, cat gifts and human gifts .
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Australian Cats
This is what is happening to cats in Australia.
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We're all about the 6 kitties and 5 angels that own us, we have lots of great photo's, info on FeLV, something we live with daily and sooooooo much more. Come on in the doors open, just don't let the cats out!!
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Best Cat Tips
Find answers to a wide variety of cat health and cat care questions. Enjoy our free cat forum and newsletter. Showcase your cat with our Cat of the Month!
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British Shorthair of LAZIBLUES Cattery
New York and Connecticut based cattery breeding healthy and happy lilac and blue British Shorthair cats. None of our cats or kittens are ever caged, and they live with us as part of our families.
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