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Breeds - British Shorthair
(N) Alegría
Alegría. Small Norweigan breeder in solid colours, also chocolate and lillac.With or without white.We have much info on our pages - welcome!
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(N)Alegría - British Shorthair
We are from Norway, living with these beautiful cats! We breed the solid colours, included chocolate and lilac. Also bicolour. Welcome to our homepage!
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= ^..^ = ALUNA CATTERY = ^..^ =
Small cattery in Prague, Czech Republic, Breeding Exotics and British, (silver tabby, tabby) from excellent bloodlines, all our cats are housed indoors.
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All about my British Shorthaircats
Informations about our cats and cattery. And something about my hobbys, Patchwork, Cats and more.
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Astyages British Shorthair
We are a small hobby Cattery specializing in blue. Member of FiFe Europe.
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Attention I Am
wij fokken met Britse korthaar en scottish fold. wij hebben een groot hart voor onze dieren en alle andere dieren daarom willen we onze kittens dan ook in even liefdevolle omgeving plaatsen. fokken volgens de oude waarden is hierbij een grote hulp.
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Bally Hara
kleine cattery,met af en toe kittens
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Benfields British Shorthair Cattery
Benfields is a brand new CFA Registered Cattery, located in the state of Maryland thus bridging the gap for many Brit fanciers.
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BKH vom Alfersesch
German cattery breeding colourpoints in different colours, silvertabby and red without pattern, sometmes solids and in future cinnamon. We only use strange lines from Europe, esp. British colourpointlines.
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Bonniechloe British Shorthair
UK breeder of colourpoints and selfs in blue, blue-cream, lilac and cream.
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Britisch Kurzhaar und Türkisch Angora Cattery
We breed beautiful british shorthairs and silky turkish angoras!
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British Shorthair & Point Cats aus der Mondburg
We are a small cattery, who breed healthy, confident and typefull BSH, in different colours with the focus on point. But look for yourselfâ?¦!
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British Shorthair cat and kittens
Blue British Shorthair cat. Blue Diamond cattery. Blue and lilac kittens for sale. We live in NJ USA.
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British shorthair cattery - Von Papp Bianca
British shorthair cattery from Croatia.
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British shorthair cattery of Oeba
A Dutch cattery where feline welfare is the first priority. Specialized in feline behaviour. Once in a while we have cream and blue kittens, from selected and tested parents. Only for true catlovers.
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