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Breeds - Scottish Fold
Bellus Felis - intelligent cats of Lithuania
The cattery breeding scottish fold and straight cats in Lithuania. A website presenting information on the breed, available kittens, photos and useful links.
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C-Gemz Scottish Folds
C-Gemz Scottish Folds is a small home based cattery breeding Scottish Folds for beauty, personality, and health...not sacrificing one for the other.
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Dragonhill Scottish & Highland Folds
Scottish Folds bred from only Folds-straight ear to Folded ears. ISFA member. Registered in CFA-CCA. PKD testing.
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Registered Scottish Fold cattery with TICA and CFA.
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Hodowla Kotow Rasowych
Bienvenus sur le site TASDJ PL - Elevage des chats de race-British,Scottish Fold,SphynxAssociation des Eleveurs des Chats de Pologone
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"JOLLYCAT" - the best scottish fold cattery in Russia. More colors kittens: solid, silver, bi-color.
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Jollycat scottish fold cattery in Russia. TICA registration.More coloure:solid,bi-colour, tabby, silver, golden and other. Cats import from USA. Lines RW &GC CFA &TICA.
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Keltic Kross Highland & Scottish Folds
Mostly breed long-hair silvers & blues International Scottish Fold Association member, Breed Council member in CFA, CCA member, National Best Kitten in Canada 1998/99 Season, PKD testing, Grand Champion lines.
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Linanci Scottish Folds
Quality short & longhaired Folds from National Breed winning and Regional Winning lines. Raised as loving members of the family
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Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc.
Dedicated to keeping Scottish Folds from ending up in Shelters and rehoming Folds in need
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Scottish Folds on the Web - Jerome's Home
The home of a cool solid blue Scottish Fold. Learn all about these unusual cats whose ears fold down. Come meet Jerome and his Fold buddies from around the world.
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Scottish Folds on the Web - Jerome's Home
All about those cats whose ears fold down! Jerome is a solid blue Fold with an attitude. Be sure to visit his "buddies" pages for pics of gorgeous Folds from around the world.
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Tay's Cherry Moon Scottish Folds and British Shorthairs
We are a small cattery in Belgium specialized in the colours Blue, Lilac, Chocolate and Silver Shaded. All our kitties are raised underfoot. Numerous pictures can be viewed on our site, pedigrees are also available, and don't miss our yawning contest :o)
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TrickleCreek Cattery
Scottish Folds and American Shorthairs from national and regional winning lines. Lovingly raised in our home, most colors. Member ISFA, CFA Scottish Fold Breed Council. We do ship, please email for more information.
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Urquhart Scottish Folds
CFA. Breed history and information. Photos, kittens, and great related links. Also, info on breed rescue, Scottish Fold discussion lists, and Scottish Fold books.
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