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Breeds - Ragdoll
A Cattery of JEWELS Ragamuffins
A cattery producing huge floppy dog like cats in all colors and patterns with blue eyes, specializing in dilute tortie and lynx bi-colors,5year written guarantee....
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A Cozy Kitten Cattery
Traditional DOLL-FACED Persian and himalayans. BE PREPARED TO BE AMAZED!!
(Added: 12/25/03 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Adorable Cashmere White Persians
Snow white cashmere persians with the old style traditional baby doll-faces. Blue eyed whites, copper eyed whites and bi-eyed whites. One peak into our cattery and your search will be over!
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Akiram's Ragdolls
Swedish Ragdoll Cattery
(Added: 07/10/03 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Amun Ra's Ragdoll & Bengal
A small cattery situated in Sweden. We breed Ragdolls in all traditional colours but also the new colours and lynx. We also breed Bengal cats. Feel free to visit our site and look at all the beautiful cats.
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Bally Hara
kleine cattery,met af en toe kittens
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Ragdoll in liliac, choklolate, blue and brown
(Added: 03/21/06 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Bleu regard doux anuncia la disponibilidad de kitten siberian nacidos el dia 30 de marzo del 2007 y de kitten ragdoll nacidos el dia 20 de marzo del 2007.nuestra proxima camada de ragdoll en junio 12 ..padres. IRWSGC SIR PERCIVAL Y ENSUEÑO
(Added: 06/09/07 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Blueyed Cattery
Breeding Chocolate,Lilac,Seal,Blue. Large,Healthy beautiful babies full of love.Member of T.I.C.A. ACFA CFF
(Added: 05/26/04 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Calaquendi Ragdolls
Belgian Ragdoll Breeder of TICA and BCL registered Ragdoll kittens in new and traditional colours from Grand Champion lines. Our Kittens are raised underfoot with a lot of attention. Their parents have been tested for HCM, PKD, FeLV and FIV.
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We are a small home based Cattery in Eastern Massachusetts. Our mission is to breed/raise healthy, beautiful ragdolls to be loved and cherished by their adopted families.
(Added: 10/11/04 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Carpe Diem Ragdolls
Ragdoll Cattery in Austria breeds Ragdolls in traditional and new colours and varieties
(Added: 10/28/02 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Cashmier Ragdoll
We are small cattery devoted to raising large,loveable ragdoll cats.Our cats and kittens are home raised and never caged.
(Added: 02/01/99 Votes: ) Vote for us!

We are a tica registered small ragdoll cattery located in Maryland. brining you healthy large ragdoll kittens. sold with health guarantee and a 2 year against genetic defects. All cats are raised in my home. All colors and patterns.
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Cat's Photography by Valentina Koulagina and Anatoli Krassavine
Original cat's photo galleries. Formal, funny, glamour and character study photographs.
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