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Breeds - Devon Rex
We are small sphynx and devon rex cattery. All our cats are free and not in cage.
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Cowboy Claws Cattery
Cornish Rex & Devon Rex kittens/cats available. Also the new rare Russian Hairless Peterbald Sphynx,newly accepted in TICA.
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Javeron - Devon Rex Cats
Small Australian breeder of beautiful Devon Rex Cats
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Jovelles Burmese
Breeders of quality burmese for show/breeding or as wonderful pets. Health and temperament guaranteed. Persian and Devon Rex kittens by Nikiska and Nevaska also available. Enquiries welcome.
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Lexifers Devon Rex
Explore the Wonderful World of the Devon Rex Cat. Meet us and our cats. Visit our shop page for loads of Devon Rex Cat stuff
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Makeitso Somalis
CybeRex is an Italian cattery, we breed real mad aliens, to see our Devons come to see our website. Our colours are: Point (seal, chocolate, tabby), Black, Chocolate, Tabby (brown, chocolate).
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Small Devon Rex cattery in Belgium. The website tells all about the cattery, but there is also a monthy funny cat photo contest and lots of cat links!
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Peppershire Cattery
Devon Rex Kittens available year round male and females.CFA reg second roud of shots,shipping available
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Rexcatter Cats
We are a small cattery located in Alaska. All my cats are raised in my home. We do not cage our cats! TICA & CFA reg. Devon & Cornish Rex kittens two times a year. Shipping is easy, our airport is a major hub for all airlines :)
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The Devon Rex Database
The Devon Rex Database - for pedigree research.
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The Russian site of amateurs of Devon Rex.
History of breed. The standard of breed. Catteries. Kittens. Links. The guest book. Forum.
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