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Breeds - Exotic
"Toy Tricksy" Cattery persian & exotic
Persian and Exotic cattery. We specialize on silver tabbies, bi-colors, van, harleguin.
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7 Fontane Cattery
CFA Cattery of Excellence, persian and exotic. Colors: solid, particolor, bicolor, smoke, tabby. We ship overseas.
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= ^..^ = ALUNA CATTERY = ^..^ =
Small cattery in Prague, Czech Republic, Breeding Exotics and British, (silver tabby, tabby) from excellent bloodlines, all our cats are housed indoors.
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A Cattery Cat's Eden
Cats Persians Top show. Arlequins, Vans, Webcam in streaming 24h/24 - 7d/7, Videos cats, links cattery
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VITAL ANDION a small Cattery. In ours Cattery you will find Himalayan & Exotic SHOW Quality cats. Specializing in: color point, tabby, Bi-Color. Top Lines. CFA registration.
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A Sao Tome Cattery
Tested Pkd (-) parent's and grand parent's . I'am breeding persian bico , tabby , silver tabby , shell cameo and shaded cameo .
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ALINA Himalayans & Exotics
We are a small cageless cattery breeding Himalayans and Exotics, specializing in lynx point and tabby colors and now in bi-colors. Lines: Oakheaven, Dragonfyre, Becton, Kikicat, Callyn
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Arirang Exotic
Bicolor ,silver tabby Exotic
(Added: 04/29/06 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Persians and Exotics cattery specializing in bicolors, harlequins and vans. Cats are PKD, FeLV and FIV tested.
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Himalayans & Exotics cattery BELOGORIE (reg.CFA). Specialized in Himalayan, including Lynx-point and Exotic Silver-Tabby.
(Added: 10/04/06 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Big Shot
Bicolors, Vans, Tabbies and Tabbies with White. Top winning lines.
(Added: 03/10/03 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Black River Himalayans
A small Colorado cattery, Black River strives to produce happy, healthy Himalayans and Exotics. CFA registered.
(Added: 09/21/03 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Calico Moon's Exotic
Calico Moon is a small hobby cattery registered in FIFe, Felis Danica. All cats live in the house, we have no cage. All our cats are tested free of PKD, FeLV & FIV. My interest is in calico and bi-color.
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Catkisses Cattery
Small Cattery in Central Texas. Artemis, South Paw, In style and Budmar are some of the excellent bloodines we are working with. Our number one priority is producing heathy happy kittens.
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Catmichel Cattery
In Spain. Paco Gomez and Marilina Ruiz with the best of lines of blood in persion and exotic.
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