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Breeds - Munchkins
Bluebonnet Munchkins
A small Texas cattery raising quality Munchkins in a variety of colors in shorthair and longhair. Our kittens are raised underfoot and with lots of love!
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Boutique Kittens
Doll Face Persians & Himalayans, Napoleons (Rug Huggers!) and Rag A Pers. As a CFA and TICA registered cattery, we are nestled in the heart of beautiful Colorado!
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Fairysteps Munchkins
Fairysteps Munchkins cats & kittens available in longhair & shorthair. TICA registered.
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Kittyhugs Cattery
TICA registered Cattery specializing in Munchkin Cats. Located in central Virginia. Various colors available. Shipping available in the US. from Richmond Va. Member Get down Munchkin Breed Club
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KlassyKittens Medieval Munchkins
A Texas Hill Country cattery specializing in Munchkins both SH & LH Beautiful cinnamon, calico, lilac & silver mackeral colors
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Munchkin Cats
Foundation breeder of world's shortest cats. Great web site with many pictures. I've got white, colorpoints, and itty bitty kitties.
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Small and young American Curls and Munchkins Cattery located in Malaysia.
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Pfsstcats Munchkin Cattery
Sweet cats on small legs. Chocolates, Lilacs, Cinnamons, Browns, Blues, Blacks in the unique marble, colorpoint, spotted, classic, and solid. Shipping option, pet/breeder/show, health guarantee.
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Purrfurred Cattery
This is a small cattery in Tampa, Fl., specializing in the Munchkin Cat breed.
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Shorty Cats
Not a large cattery.First litter due soon.
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