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Breeds - Balinese
Adajan Cats
Balinese and siamese adults and kittens.
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AR*Camelot Fantasy Cattery
Small Cattery sited in Buenos Aires - Argentina. We breed Siamese, Oriental, Balinese, Oriental LH, Seychellois, Seychellois LH. FIFe / TICA / CFA register
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av Karitzy
Small cattery in Norway. Registered in NRR/ FIFe since 1984 ~ only pointed cats in the pedigrees
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Balinese & Siamese vom Suedstern
We present you a small German cattery of Balineses and Siamases mainly in the classic diluted colours, including tabby (lynx)and creme (tortie. You are welcome to visit us in order to get information about our cats and breeding aims.
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Cattery vom Siam-Castel
A small cattery in Switzerland (near lake constance) since 1968.
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Chatterie de l'allee du roi
Welcome on the site of our cattery, breeding Balinese and Tonkinese near Paris, France
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Darlington Cattery
Streamlined Felines with Purrsonality. Registered Oriental and Siamese kittens to approved homes.
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Siamese and Balinese von Aristoteles
We are a small cattery, breeding siamese and balinese cats in modern type. We are proud of our kittens, they are self confident and healthy. Sometimes kittens available.
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Swe-Scot Cats
small cattery in my house south west Sweden.
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