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"Cat Komotion TM"- Fast Action Cat Toy
"Cat Komotion TM"- Fast Action Cat Toy! It Flips & Flinges, Tugs & Teases, unpredictable, ever changing, EXCITING! Cats, young or old can't resist! It's INSTINCT!
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Almigry Himalayans
we breed himalayans in most colours since 1987.We select for type and temperamet. Almigry is a small cattery located in Rome Italy.
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We are a Dutch Norwegian Forestcat cattery. You can find everything about our cats on our site.
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Benfields British Shorthair Cattery
Benfields is a brand new CFA Registered Cattery, located in the state of Maryland thus bridging the gap for many Brit fanciers.
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British shorthair breeder specialized golden tabby
Home breeder specialized golden tabby. International lines. Also kittens internationally sold. Friendly and healthy kittens. Registered FIFe
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British Shorthair-EmpireofGlamour Cattery-CANADA
We are a little breeder of British Shorthair Blue & Cream. We have a Grand European & World Champions lines.For more information, please visit our website or contact us.
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C.A.R.E. aka: Cat/Canine Assistance, Referral & Education
C.A.R.E. is a NO-Kill organization without exception, helping homeless pets & the people who CARE about them. Our cageless sanctuary, located in north Los Angeles County, California, USA, is called home by over 200 wonderous cats & big dogs.
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world cat links
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Cats Kittys Gatos
TopSite List/Clubs/Webrings~PostCards~Awards~MEWsic~Kitty ID~SURVIVORBanner~Feline Hyperesthesia
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Ceylon Cattery
Breeding Chocolate & Lilac Persians in a spectrum of varities.
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Coondavi Maine Coons
Lovingly raised Maine Coons with gentle purrsonalities. National and Regional winning lines. Written guarantee and contract.
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Cornish Rex Cattery
CFA.Reg.cornish rex cattery. Most colors avaible..lots of pictures and info..
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Critter Pet Supplies
Quality pet supplies delivered right to your door. Save on gas, fast shipping. Great items, such as cat doors, furniture, electronic training, collars, cat pan covers, dewormers, toys, and much much more waiting to be seen to spoil your little critter!
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De Lindar's Persians
A CFA registered show cattery specializing in Solid, Bi-color, Calico and White . Other colors sometimes available. All of the Adults used for breeding are PKD Negative.
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If you have EXOTIC SH&LH kittens or adults cats for sale,our list for you. All people who want to have at home lovely exotic kittens welcome to our group
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