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Cat Zines
A Chocolate Cat Fanciers Resource
Largest chocolate directory online, mentioned in magazines, grand & photo galleries, cats/kittens available, shop for cat food, toys, furniture, t-shirts & lots more!
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Himalajan cats
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Amazing Ravini Cat's
We have a small Maine Coon & Birman Cattery in Belgium.
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Buy Cat Litter Online in the UK, Litter Pearls are Odour-Free!
Cat Litter Shop is the best place to buy Cat Litter online in the UK. We specialise in Tracks-Less Litter Pearls, which are odour free. A bag lasts one cat a whole month.
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Cat Pictures
The largest online collection of cat pics!! All breeds featured here!!
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Cat Training And Behavior Modification
To train your cat and modify bad cat behavior - visit today!
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Buy scratch posts from We understand your cats needs to scratch.
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CatKB - Forums for Cat Lovers
The largest forums about cats, their behavior, health, food, grooming, and toys.
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News and Jokes by cats, for cats. No humans allowed!
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Catpert. The Cat Expert
The most complete cat site
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Celsius Cattery
Small cattery from Jakarta, Indonesia. White, solids, parti and bi-color cats. Lovely kittens. Reports with a photos of cats from CFA Cats Shows. Welcome all catfriends!
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Dynamo's Webpage
A site with pictures of Dynamo, a black and white kitty with a bad attitude. Also has stories, articles, messageboard, links, newsletter, and more.
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Hairless Cats sphynx cattery
Katara is a Premier New York (NY) Sphynx cattery. Sphynx cats, Spyhnx Kittens & breeders. Based on Long Island, NY. Great pets. Those cool Hairless cats. Sphinx cattery.
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Jasmine's Confessions of a Cat Breeder
How to breed, raise, buy and sell purebred cats and kittens. Free online consultations with cattery expert, Jasmine. Solve feline behaviour problems in the cattery and home. How to buy a pedigreed kitten. True stories of incredible cats.
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Junglegems Bengals
Small Cattery for the Bengal breed
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