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All About Cats
Cattery Akemi Neko
Wij zijn een kleine cattery uit Almere met een keer per jaar een nestje
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Cattery Blue Velvets
Burmese cattery come and look at our homepage.
(Added: 05/05/02 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Cattery Casmira`s
Meet my lovely Norwegian Forest Cats in the Netherlands.
(Added: 02/12/01 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Cattery d'Amore
Breeder British Shorthair classic colors and silver tabby.
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Cattery Deltona's
Cattery Deltona's Siamese and oriental cats. Whit time to time lovely kittens available for loving homes. Where based in hoogeveen the neterlands.
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Cattery From Roma's Choice
We have a very nice homepage! Come on in and see for yourself!! British Shorthair: the most beautifull cats in the world!
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Cattery Gallery
All about Cats *German*
(Added: 09/16/02 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Cattery Jurski Van
The first Vans living in Croatia and this part of Europe.
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Cattery of Siberian cats "Knyaz Gvidon"
Site of Cattery "Knyaz Gvidon". We are specializing in Siberian cats. Here you can find a story of our cattery, admire photos of our cats and kittens, find some new facts about Siberian breed and chose a kitten.
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Cattery of the Siberian Cats
We are a beautiful Siberian and Neva Masquerade cattery in the Netherlands.We are tested for HCM,PKD,FIV and FeLV.You can find information on the breed and our cattery.Also some lovely pictures of are cats.
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Cattery Plush Bear british shorthair cats
British shorthair champion blodlines,excellent dispositions,type,very pretty and nice.Kittens to enhance your life in the home and in the show ring.Cattery studies breeding british cats since October 1993.
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Cattery Rheingoldcat*s Persians
Snow white chinchilla silver Persians with the old style traditional baby doll-faces. Show quality Silvers also Goldens & Blue Goldens of prestigious bloodlines. One look into our cattery and your search will be over!
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Cattery Zanado Exotics & Persians
Cattery Zanado Exotics & Persians , Show / breeder cats
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Cattery Zaniematsu
All about our russian blue cats.
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CentralCats - Norwegian Forest Cats
Cattery Central Cats. We have Norwegian Forest kittens with excellent pedigree from Portugal. We export to any country. You can see photos and more information in our web-site.
(Added: 07/04/05 Votes: ) Vote for us!

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