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Prowlers Bengals
NZCF & TICA registered breeder of cutting edge Bengals from USA & Canadian Imported cats.Breeders of Silver, Golden and Brown bengals. All kittens house raised, written health and genetic soundness gauranteed. Export may be available.
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Puddy the bird cat
A cat that lives with a bird and their best of friends
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Puff the Cat
Puff's special blog.
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Purr Pals
Purr Pals is a message board/forum where people who love cats can come together to share stories, photos, and general cat care advice.
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Puss & Mischief's Catty Tales
Tales of two lovely felines in Perth, Western Australia.
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Queenmercury British Shorthair
A UK breeder of British Shorthairs in self and tabby colours - dominent & Dilute.
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Raffle's World
Raffles the Ringtail cat invites you to visit his wonderful world of cats and meet his feline friends, past and present. See some fun pics, follow Raffles' show career and find other cat links.
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RED and POINT*PL is a cattery breeding persians,exotics and himalayans specializing in red, white-red and red point cats. All our cats are PKD DNA negative and possess FIFe pedigrees
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Rodney, The Diabetic Cat
Meet Rodney, my diabetic cat. Read a detailed diary about caring for a diabetic cat. Includes medical history, blood panels, urinalysis data, blood glucose readings, insulin dosing, etc.
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Scottish Folds on the Web - Jerome's Home
The home of a cool solid blue Scottish Fold. Learn all about these unusual cats whose ears fold down. Come meet Jerome and his Fold buddies from around the world.
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Sentimental Ragdolls
Registered Cattery in Ontario Canada. Big beautiful ragdolls quality USA imports. All colors possible. Family raised and guarenteed.
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Shamandu Birmans
Small Hobby Cattery in Buenos Aires ARGENTINA. Imported Bloodlines. Various Colours.
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Sheila Walkers Guide To kittens
A guide to the care and development of kittens. Choosing, naming, feeding, etc. Awards, top cats sites. Get a free email address from Felinemail.
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Sindelle's Cat Page
This page is dedicated to all the cats who have ever graced my life!!! :)
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Some Moore Cats
All about the Moore cats, with lots of pictures, stories, games, contests and more for the cat lover! Learn about Maxwell's battle with feline leukemia, visit our growing cat resources directory, or send a postcard to a friend while you're there.
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