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Pet Portraits by Dale Lewis
Fine pet portraiture, characterized by a high degree of accuracy and detail, beautiful richness of color, and by a deep love for the pets whose loving companionship so enriches our lives.
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Pet Supplies & Pet Products –
snrpetsupplies is your one stop resource for pet supplies at low prices delivered right to your door
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Pet Talk
Come by Pet talk and join us, we are talking cat, dog, bird, horses and all kind of pets/animals. Would love to exchange links as well, hope to hear from you. Come by and join us if you dare.
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If you love pets and great designer furniture, pet-interiors is just the place for you. We design pet furnitures which are well thought out with the needs of cats and dogs in mind and can be integrated with any modern interior furnishings.
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Free pet care by putting you in touch with other pet owners in your local area willing to offer mutual pet care.
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All pets including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, and pet food and clothes and classified ads for pets.
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Picnic Table
The Park Catalog supplies picnic tables, park benches, grills, bleachers trash receptacles and a wide array of products for parks departments, municipalities, and outdoor recreation facilities.
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Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats
Cat toys, choice catnips, all-natural treats - we have what your cat dreams of! Kitty Kaviar, crinkle balls, cards with catnip, Hot Cats toys, and an extensive FAQ on Catnip Affects.
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Purr Pals
Purr Pals is a message board/forum where people who love cats can come together to share stories, photos, and general cat care advice.
(Added: 02/21/05 Votes: ) Vote for us! shares useful info on the care and well-being of our feline friends. Here you can learn ways to add fun to your sweety's life, find interesting cat facts, meet Pashu and Tisha + more!
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Purrfect Gifts at offers a wide range of gifts and collectibles for cat lovers everywhere.
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Purrfect is a club for cat lovers everywhere!
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Purrrrrrrfect Cats
Our kitties rate the contests!
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Raffle's World
Raffles the Ringtail cat invites you to visit his wonderful world of cats and meet his feline friends, past and present. See some fun pics, follow Raffles' show career and find other cat links.
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Ragamuffin's Cat Quotes
A collection of quips, quotes and observations about the Tribe of Tiger
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