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All About Cats
Chardani DK Ragdoll Cattery
We specialize in the rare lilac, chocolate and lynx colours.
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chatterie du temple d athena
Elevage de chat persan de haute lignee: colesco; eripadiso, copacats, vickyts, rubyrose, swinburn...
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Chewie & Blitzy's homepage
On this site you can find lots of pictures of my Siamese cats and friends' cats. Also some information about Siamese cats and cats in general.
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Website concerned with all things chocolate in felines - UK orientated and for ALL breeds
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Cleopatra Persians
CFA Registered Bicolor Persians. Located in British Columbia, Canada. PKD tested cattery. Please, visit our website for frequently updated pictures and more information. Thank you.
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CMC Cattery
Breeding Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Sh & Lh, Peterbald from 1989 with American and European lines in Buenos Aires. Focused in health, temper and type. We work in all colors and pattern with or without white, specialized in ticked.
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Wir z├╝chten Scottish Fold , Britisch Kurzhaar , Selkirk Rex Und Britisch Langhaar Rassekatzen in verschiedenen Farbvarianten Wie chocolate , blau , rot , cream , coulorpoint und silver . Auf meiner Homepage
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Coondavi Maine Coons
Lovingly raised Maine Coons with gentle purrsonalities. National and Regional winning lines. Written guarantee and contract.
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Cornish Rex Cattery
CFA.Reg.cornish rex cattery. Most colors avaible..lots of pictures and info..
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Country Cat Shelter
Charity No kill shelter. Rehomes cats and kittens.
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Quality Cat Furniture--Condos, Lofts, Scratching Posts. Direct from manufacturer and ships right to your door. All new materials, 100% non-toxic. Great for homes with multiple cats! Tons of sisal rope to keep nails healthy.
(Added: 12/01/02 Votes: ) Vote for us! - Cat Furniture, Cat Trees, Cat Condos, Cat Gyms
Complete selection of cat furniture, cat trees, cat gyms, cat condos, cat towers and cat houses that will satisfy every cat or kitty.
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British Shorthair colourpoint,blau,lilac,tabby...
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Croshka Siberian Cats Hypo-allergenic
Croshka Siberians hypo-allergenic to most. Pictures of the kittens available and current breeders
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Crystalgems Manx Cattery
Manx Kittens for sale. 15 weeks old and very loveable. One black male, one calico female, one black & white long hair female. Real cuties. CFA breeder but not papers for this price.
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