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Sandrine's Gallery
Art gallery online. Variety of cat paintings and others.
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Sandrine's Store
Cat artwork for sale. Originals and prints at affordable prices.
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Scottish fold Doux Coeurs
We are breeding scottish fold and british in France. We love solid and tabby colors.
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Shelly's Cool Cat Rubberstamps & Pen-pal Club
Cat rubberstamps.Images and quotations. Also pen-pal club for cat lovers.
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Rexcats at show
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SkinDLite Cattery
Hairless cat breeder SkinDLite has adoptable Sphynx cats/kittens of the highest possible quality.
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Stormy Lee's Homepage
Main page is my cat, Stormy Lee's page. One page is my Husband's Navy Vietnam Page Two pages are personal pictures One page is for awards and links
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Tabby Cat Press
Cat themed children's picture books, autographed by the author
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Terbear Collectibles
Felix Kit Cat Clocks best selection & best prices on the net! Order online.
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The Cat House
A kitty website with many photographs of beloved pet cats from the families they own in homes around the world, plus other interesting tidbits of kitty lore, Kitty stories, kitty art, and links to more kitty sites plus many other wonderful site links.
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The Devon Rex Database
The Devon Rex Database - for pedigree research.
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The Gift Shop Cat Lover Gifts
Cat picture graphic designs printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodie jackets, tracksuits, aprons, hats, mousepads, keepsake boxes, stickers, art prints, posters, coffee mugs and more.
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The International Siberian Cat Alliance
A TICA affiliated Siberian Breed Club promoting Siberian Cats within TICA. Dedicated to Siberian Cat welfare, education and fun.
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The Kitty Kollab
This is a writing collaboration for people whose lives intimately involve some sort of feline. You are invited to tell your amazing or amusing stories, ponder the thoughts of your furry companion, or just plain brag.
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The Ragdoll Cat Guide
Information about the ragdoll breed of cats, links to breeders, photo gallery, ragdoll merchandise, and articles
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