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All About Cats
Curl House Cattery for American Curl
We are a non-cage American Curl Cattery in Hong Kong - white kittens available
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Dakarai Cats
Quaity Abyssinian & Somali cats, CFA/TICA registered, raised underfoot, no cages, will ship.
(Added: 10/26/09 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Dei Mici di Lulu'
We are a small persian cattery and select persians for beauty, health and caracter
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Derkatz Cattery
Breeder of British Shorthairs. Blues, Blue-creams, Creams, Torties and Blacks. Located in Chesterfield Twp, Michigan
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Cat discussion community.
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Domino's House
Domino's House is a special adoption cattery offering a healthy, safe and loving environment for kittens and cats. It is a place where cats can become kittens again and kittens can grow up to enjoy the love of a caring family when adopted.
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Downeast Gifts
Handmade and handpainted slates from old Maine buildings with pictures of cats.
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Dreamdolls - Ragdoll Cats and Kittens
Ragdoll cat information and pictures from a breeder in California.
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DULCES SUEƑOS British Shorthair
Small cattery located in Madrid (Spain). Very good European bloodlines and excellent health. Our cats are extremely sociable and affectionate as they are raised in a family setting. Click to meet our plushy teddy bears!!
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Dynamo's Webpage
A site with pictures of Dynamo, a black and white kitty with a bad attitude. Also has stories, articles, messageboard, links, newsletter, and more.
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El Amar
Oriental Shorthair. Kittens & Stud service available.
(Added: 01/31/09 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Electric Scooter
Electric scooters are allowed on public transit (bus/train/plane) whereas gas-powered scooters are prohibited. Electric Scooter. Noise and air pollution of gas-powered scooters is eliminated.
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EllenorMews Cattery
We are a small cattery located in Western Pennsylvania. Both CFA and TICA registered. Kittens raised around children and dogs. Pet and Show Quality available
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Breeding persian and exotics with health and socialization being a major factor.
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EuskadiCoon Maine Coon
We are a small Cattery in the north of Spain. All colours excep white
(Added: 11/14/03 Votes: ) Vote for us!

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