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All About Cats
Evinea Cattery
Information about the Old-Style Siamese and Thai Cats.
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Fauna Classifieds is your ultimate source for buying, selling and trading cats and other animals online. You can even find sellers within your local area. We also feature discussion forums and our unique board of inquiry to check up on sellers before y
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Felifolie Cattery
Persians breeder from Quebec, Canada. PKD neg. Solids, bi-colors, vans & white.
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Feline Addiction
An informational cat website with articles, on cat health, behaviour, general care, art, myth and quotes.
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Feline Groovy!
A site for cat owners and fans everywhere, with message forum, links, and details of cats needing homes in the UK.
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Feline Paradise
The Feline Paradise Society is a global community of cat fanciers that share a common bond: our affection for cats and our desire to share our knowledge/experiences to further feline health and well-being.
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Feline Rescue Foundation of Alberta
FRFA is a registered charity that provides rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing for cats living on the streets.
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Feline Whimsy
Original and unique cat art gifts and items.
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Feral Cat Network
Started in 2003 as part of The Animal Spirit, Feral Cat Network was created to help decrease the amount of homeless domestic cats, while providing care for the existing homeless population.
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It`s a personal site about Siberian cats: photos, Siberian kittens from Russia, history, standard, show calendar all over the world, banner exchange, interesting links!
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Fine Art by Heather
I'll draw a custom, one of a kind pointillism portrait of your favorite pet from your digital or print photographs. (Stippling) Pen and Ink Artwork.
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Fine Pet ID Tags
Fine Pet ID Tags, Dog ID Tags, Cat ID Tags for Pets
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Firebrand cattery
Small cattery in Michigan. I raise Himalayans and Persians. I have most color points including Chocolate and Lilac. I also have persians in solids, tabbies and Bi-colors. Smokes & whites. CFA registered PKD/DNA neg. cattery.
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FLAVORx Veterinary Website
FLAVORx is a pharmaceutical flavoring system used by veterinarians, and loved by pets across the world to safely improve the taste and smell of liquid prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicine.
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Flora's Zoo
Meet Flora's Furry Friends and learn more about cats and fish.
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