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All About Cats
Flying Cat
Here you'll find unique gifts with a whimsical touch. T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and more! Animal lovers look no further.
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For the Love of Cats
New friendly cat forum - come join in on the fun! Cat-chat, kitty poses, cat health, websites, Rainbow Bridge and general chat
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For Your Cat
Here you will find quality articles, stories, links and information all about cats only.
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ForestWind Siberians
Sweet, healthy and loving Siberian kittens. Home raised for health. We can provide references from kitten families who have visited our home and adopted happily with us. We breed from original Siberian cats imported from Russia.
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Fred & Geek
Photos and stories of Geek our Cat and Fred our Ferret.
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Friends of Animals
Friends of Animals is an international animal rights and protection organization working to abolish the abuse inflicted by humans on non-human animals and to achieve a respectful, compassionate ethic in all relations between animals and people.
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Fritz the Brave! Feline Asthma Resource Site
Describes feline asthma symptoms, diagnosis, and a range of treatments from the human caretaker's perspective. Special focus on inhaled asthma medications.
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Froms British Shorthair
FROM's British Shorthair is a small family breed of British Shorthair cats. We have our own stud, and occasionally kittens for sale
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Furbabies Forever
Informative site on various aspects of cat care; naming, grooming, cat shows, breeds, plants cats like, safety. Also has a collection of cat poetry and jokes.
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Gallery of Cats and Kittens
Photos, photos, photos! From Abyssinians to Turkish Vans, come and see some of the most beautiful cats in the world!
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GemSdolls Ragdolls
Nice imported Ragdolls from the USA, living in The Netherlands, that became European Champions. Also very nice Mink and Solid Ragdolls, made in USA, from original Raggedy Ann lines.
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German Rex - the frizzled frolic
The rarely German Rex is back! I have startet in Switzerland (near lake constance)an exclusively program for help this lovely breed.
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Gingerbread Tearoom (Oklahoma)
Sweet Flame, Cream, Torti, Seal Point CFA kittens. Home raised, not a cattery. (Sometimes our Moms get frisky ;) Often pure, white fluffies!
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Girard Pet Supply Store
Girard Pet Supply Store
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First Ragdoll cattery in Europe.specializes in ragdolls TOP HIGH QUALITY BICOLOR.FELV, FIV, FIP negative.
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