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All About Cats
Golden Feline Lovers Webring
If you are 45 years young or more, and love cats, you are invited to join our webring.
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Goofy Kitty Cam LIVE!
Tune in to see my five cats take turns lounging on my desk! New arrivals..check out our cute new kittens.
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Great Spirit's Sphynx and Peterbald
Small Cattery breeding Sphynx and Peterbald. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden.
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Grizzabella's Website, A Cat's Tale
A light hearted journey into the mind of a cat. Grizzabella's thoughts on humans, cat dancing, tips for new cats and her dark secret.
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A small cattery in Italy, Florence, of Persian Colourpoint/Himalayan and carrier, Siamese and Oriental.
(Added: 01/14/08 Votes: ) Vote for us! Cat Art & Collectibles
Unique cat art by Lori Lee. Signed prints, framed art and gifts for the cat lover and cat collector. FREE MONTHLY DRAWING!
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Hanylou Persians
Hanylou Persians is a FIFe & CFA registered cattery located in North of Portugal, about 50 Km from O'Porto. We aim breed Persians and Exotics Cats preferebly Bicolors and Vans. All our cats are PKD-DNA tested.
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Hapikatz Bengals
Bengal cats and kittens. Brown Spots and Marbles. Full of bounce, pounce, and purrrsonality. Are you looking for a special spot in your home??
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Hara Belle Cattery
Hara Belle is the Persian and Himalayan Cats Breeder. All colours. Oficial Pedigrees. AFA/FIFe
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Harley's Purrs And Paws
Full of kittenish goodies to spoil your favourite feline. Cats needs catered for, beds, food, treats, health, activity centres, toys and more.
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Harry's Cat Links for Cat People
20+ pages of interest to cat people: cat history and current welfare issues, feline care and vet links, featured cat art (online exhibits, museums and retailers), books, crafts, fabrics, gifts and more.
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Het Witte Huis
Belgian British Shorthair cattery specialised in Blue, Lilac and bicolours
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Himilove Himalayan Persians
We are a CFA registered cattery with a variety of colors. We are a PKD/FIV/FLV negative cattery.
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CFA Reg Himalayan Cattery, breeding for Beautiful Healthy and Happy Himalayans. Located in N.W Ohio.
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An on-line cat-lovers resource created by a certified feline specialist. How to keep your cat happy & healthy... holistic products, educational videos and a GUARANTEED solution to litter box odor!
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