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All About Cats
A Precious Kittens Cattery
Home of the Pashmina White Persian. State & Vet Certified. Health Guarantee. Located in Florida. Rated #1 by Consumer Affairs. Shipping Available.
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A siamori
Cattery of Bois de la Plaine. Siamese and oriental cats
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Aarica Funeral Urns
Urns, Pet Cremation Urns for cats, pet caskets, memorials, pet grave markers, pet photo urns, keepsakes pendants, remembrances fot cats, hand blown glass, metal, pottery and wood urns, porcelains cat urns, custom urns with free shipping
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Aart of Louis Wain 1860-1939 Funny Kittens
Various 100+ Louis Wain 1860-1939 funny kittens and cats on fine art prints.
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Abessinier und German Rex
A small cattery in Germans breeding ruddy, sorrel, blue, fawn, chocolate& lilac
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Absolutely Cats
Internatinal directory of cat breeders websites, photos, information and more. Excellent resource for all kitten and cat lovers.
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Adkelekatts Norwegian Forest Cats
Big, Bold and Beautiful! Small breeder of Norwegian Forest Cats, in Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK. Kittens sometimes available to loving homes, home reared in our busy household.Full pedigree, FIFE reg, fully Vaccinated.
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Adventure Beach Bengals
JUNGLE BEAUTY WITH GENTLE SPIRITS. Championship lines. Our goal is to place a kitten in your family with exceptional beauty and loving personality. Our babies are raised with children and pets in Palm Beach, Florida. We Ship Worldwide.
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Adventures With Bengals
This Burlington, Ontario bengal cattery houses exceptionally wild looking f6 and f7 cats and kittens. Take a Look!
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Afrikhan Savannahs
Savannah kittens are a hybrid of an African Serval and a domestic cat. We have been approved just this year for registration in the International Cat Association. I am the President of the Savannah Cat Association. Contact me for details on membership
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Aga Ostrowska
Plus*PL-Burmese Cattery from Poland
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Alaskan Sky Pixie Bob Cattery
We raise Pixie Bob Cats and Kittens in our home, under foot, on laps, and always with Love. Come see our bobcat-look-a-likes. Pet, Show, and Breeder Quality. TICA Registered Cattery. We Ship Worldwide. Kittens in the nursery year round.
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Alice Rockwell Art offers many beautiful prints, of cats, dogs, pets, lighthouses, landscapes, rural scenes, still life, and seascapes.
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All About Cats
Information on cat health, nutrition and behavior. Topics include flea control, declawing, cat food ingredients, feline herpes virus, spay/neuter, litter box issues and kitty product reviews.
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ALl About Cats
Devoted to cat health, care and rescue. Cat supplies and nutrition
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