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Art and Graphics
Artist SONJA cat paintings, prints, shirts, cups, and more!!
Variety of paintings, prints and merchandise for cat lovers. Very low starting prices for pieces on ebay.
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Artist's Gallery of Cats and Dogs
A collection of elegant works of art created by artists who are also pet lovers. Included are a wide range of items from Jewelry to Home Decor to Sculpture, all with cat or dog themes.
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Fifteen formerly-feral felines blog about training their human artists to create gifts for cat lovers and donate proceeds to cat rescue organizations. Pet portraits; cat greeting cards; cat jewelry, bookmarks and cell phone charms, and much more.
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Audi Yao's Wildlife Art
Artistic portraits of your Pet or Wildlife, drawn from your photos in Pen&Ink or Graphite pencil. I also work in the Pointillism (Stippling) technique.
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Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art
Realistic wildlife and fantasy paintings and illustrations. Many fantasy cat pics!
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This site brings all that is best in cat art, together in one place for you. Cat paintings, prints, posters, gifts, calendars and books. Looking for that ideal feline picture for yourself? Or searching for a pleasing cat art gift for a friend?
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Betty's Cat Store
Betty's Cat Store offers cat related collectibles, gifts, interior decoration items from Europe.
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Bevere Vivis Gallery Art Postcards
Large selection of beautiful collectors art postcards including an extensive "Cat" gallery, all printed from original paintings. Secure online ordering and worldwide delivery.
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Big Paw Designs
Unique Accessories for hip dogs, cool cats and pet lovers. Pet jewelry, pet gifts, collar charms, magnets and more! Made in the USA since 2002.
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Billy Slee: A Painting Cat.
Fine Feline Original Art, Prints and Note Cards, From A Cat Who Actually Paints.
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Blue Cat's Graphics
Original free cat desktop themes, cat icons, cat animated cursors and cat backgrounds.
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Bronze cats by Cowley Fine Art
Cold cast bronze cat figurines.Hand made by Cowley Fine Art.
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Beautiful hand drawn boxed note cards featuring cats and popular dog breeds. Very expressive and detailed artwork. Full online catalog.
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Cartoon Cat
Cartoon cats on t-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs, and other items.
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Cat and Dog Paintings by Monica Van der Weer
If you love pets, you'll enjoy these paintings. Monica Van der Weer paints pictures of cats, dogs and our other farm yard friends. Be sure to find Monica's Canadian Noah's Ark.
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