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Animal Welfare - Helping animals in Victoria
This site hopes to help animals in need by providing information and by raising funds for animal rescue and treatment organizations such as the SPCA.
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C.A.R.E. aka: Cat/Canine Assistance, Referral & Education
C.A.R.E. is a NO-Kill organization without exception, helping homeless pets & the people who CARE about them. Our cageless sanctuary, located in north Los Angeles County, California, USA, is called home by over 200 wonderous cats & big dogs.
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Cat and Dog Lost and Found
Lost or found a cat or dog, place a poster on this pet information site for free
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cat beds
Cat bed is one of the best gifts that you can give to your cat. Allowing them to feel they are loved through giving them extra care is one way to win their heart and trust.
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Cat containment guide
Follows a home project choosing and installing an inground cat fence to secure our cats within our garden perimeter in a safe and harmless way.
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Cat Furniture
Manufacturer, and dropshipper of top quality cat furniture that will have any cat feeling lucky.
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Cat Insurance
Take a look at the range of cat insurance policies from Petplan - the pet people and find the right cover for your cat.
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Cat Things
Cat Things – news, views and reviews. Many cat owners only want the best for their cats. Happy and contented cats means happy owners.
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Cat World
A place for and about Cats. Join them as they share their opinions and attitudes with the lowly humans of this earth.
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Cats Protection Inverurie
Rescues and rehomes cats in the North East of Scotland UK. See some of the lovely cats that we have for adoption. Find out how you can help. Some puzzles and fun stuff for your entertainment.
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Aims to ease the suffering of needy cats.
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CentralCats - Norwegian Forest Cats
Cattery Central Cats. We have Norwegian Forest kittens with excellent pedigree from Portugal. We export to any country. You can see photos and more information in our web-site.
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Charoit is Siberian`s and Maine coon`s cattery
We are a small home Siberian and Maine coon cattery from Russia, Saratov. Our cats live with us at home. We raise kittens with love and care. Our cats are healthy and have loving temperaments.
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Chattetie Minachat
�leveurs de chats persan lignée de champion, testé PKD
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CMC Cattery
Breeding Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Sh & Lh, Peterbald from 1989 with American and European lines in Buenos Aires. Focused in health, temper and type. We work in all colors and pattern with or without white, specialized in ticked.
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