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Artist SONJA cat paintings, prints, shirts, cups, and more!!
Variety of paintings, prints and merchandise for cat lovers. Very low starting prices for pieces on ebay.
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Artist's Gallery of Cats and Dogs
A collection of elegant works of art created by artists who are also pet lovers. Included are a wide range of items from Jewelry to Home Decor to Sculpture, all with cat or dog themes.
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Fifteen formerly-feral felines blog about training their human artists to create gifts for cat lovers and donate proceeds to cat rescue organizations. Pet portraits; cat greeting cards; cat jewelry, bookmarks and cell phone charms, and much more.
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Betty's Cat Store
Betty's Cat Store offers cat related collectibles, gifts, interior decoration items from Europe.
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Large selection of cat themed merchandise. Enjoy shopping while you view animations and listen to music. Cat Celebrity contest.
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Bronze cats by Cowley Fine Art
Cold cast bronze cat figurines.Hand made by Cowley Fine Art.
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BUBBA's LOVE World Famous Catnip
Pure Organic Catnip, Feline Futons, Catnip Toys, Holiday Gift Packs and MORE!!! FREE SAMPLES available! Fill out the survey for a chance to win a free tin of catnip!
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Cat / Feline Blankets
Cat / Feline Afghans, Blankets, Tapestries & Throws - Cat lovers check this out. Feline designs to enhance you home decor and show your love for the precious cat in your life !
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Cat Basket
A site for cat-fans with a lot of gifs, animations, greeting-cards, online-memory, icons, games, deskmates, but alos other divisons, available in english and german
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Cat Connection
Complete cat store featuring grooming, boarding, retail services and cat adoptions!
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Cat Craze- Kitty Corner Store
Here you'll find innovative, unique and high quality products for cats. We carry cat furniture, cat food, litter boxes, litter accessories, scratching posts, cat toys, cat books and more!
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Cat Friendsey
New Video for cats to watch on DVD! Include squirrels, birds, fish and more!
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Cat Gifts and Cat Lover Gifts
Fun and affordable cat bowls, toys and treats. Unique cat-inspired home decor merchandise and gifts for cat lovers.
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Cat Images
Cat Prints, Cat paintings and Cat Images to buy or sell
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Cat LadyCrafts
Show the world you're a cat lover with these collectible cat pins, plus cat-themed jewelry and more! Meow!
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