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All about the Diamond Beach Maine Coon Cattery
We breed big, typey, healthy Maine Coons in many different colors (with or without white; also silver). Occasionally we have beautiful kittens available! Please check our website for more information and many photos. We ship worldwide!
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Ambrocio's Hats and Cats
Gail Ambrocio designs and knits hats to sell so that she can feed and pay for medical care for homeless cats. Hats sell for only $12 which includes postage within the US.
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Ami Shishani - Animal Portraits & Logo Designs
Ami Shishani is an Artist, well known for her skills in painting detailed, Very life like Animal portraits, and will pick up the personality of your cat in the portrait! You can also have your own Logo Designed. Worth the vistit. Welcome in!
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Angel Cat Memorial Plaque
Personalized Angel Cat Memorial Plaque is a great way to pay respect to your long time companion who has passed on. You can place this plaque either at the head of their burial site, or simply in their old favorite place to hang-out in your yard.
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Angel Tour Operator-Nepal
Details and information on several holiday activities in South Asian Himalayan region with contact details and a photo gallery. We specialize in mountaineering and trekking expeditions with highly-qualified, experienced and world-renowned Sherpas.
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Animal and Pet Portraits by Lorraine Gray
Animal and pet portraits painted in pastels by UK artist Lorraine Gray. Guaranteed likeness, preview before you buy.
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Animal Lover Central
All natural, safe & effective products to help your pet live a long healthy life. Pet nutrition is so important.
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Animal Portraiture by Pauline Gledhill
Beautiful watercolour paintings and pencil drawings of animals taken from your photographs.
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Resource to over 1700 business links to products for cats and their friends!
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Arbiter elegantiarium - Russian Blue Cats
We ´ve a small amateur breeding in Nuremberg/Bavaria/Germany. Our breeding aim ´re healthy cats with friendly nature after English race standard. For more information and photos please visit our homepage.
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Arc-En-Ciel's bi- & tricolorperser
Welcome to a small swedish catterie, with healthy persians - breed as familymembers.
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Artistically Designed Cat Furniture!
Manufacturers of Quality Handemade cat furniture, cat trees and cat condos. Only the best for your "kids".
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BAROCCO persian and sphynx
Barocco is a belgian cattery in a private house, cfa registered, hcm, pkd ,felv, fiv, tested negative, persian and sphinx,are family members!!!...
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Battle Creek Maine Coon
Small cattery in the middle of germany.We breed with old and new bloodlines big beautyful and healthy Cats.Sometimes kitten in Creme, Smoke,Silver and all Tabbys-kombinationen.Visit our homepage for more information.
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BELOGORIE cattery Himalayans, Persian & Exotics silver-tabby
Himalayans & Exotics cattery BELOGORIE located in Russia, registered with CFA. Specialized in Himalayans, including Lynx Point, Exotics tabby, silver tabby. Our breeding is to create healthy, show quality kittens. PKD testing cattery.
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