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All About Cats
If you love pets and great designer furniture, pet-interiors is just the place for you. We design pet furnitures which are well thought out with the needs of cats and dogs in mind and can be integrated with any modern interior furnishings.
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Pets : Kittens Greeting Cards, Pets : Kittens Ecards, Pets : Kittens C
Purr across to your loved ones, friends and family through these cute kittens and make them feel special.
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Pets-N-Places is a site devoted to stories and tales of family pets, pet related links for both dog and cat lovers, a pet memorial Rainbow Bride tribute page, and a page for favorite links and comments. While you are there be sure to visit Doogan and Gu
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Large comprehensive pet site featuring both cats and dogs. Find detailed info on anatomy, choosing a cat, safety, health, diseases, natural and holistic care,nutrition, training and more. Shop for pet supplies, books and more... A MUST SEE
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PetSafe shock collars
PetSafe is the World Leader in underground & electric dog fence, stop dog barking, shock collar, bark collars, doggie doors,pet containment systems and dog training collars. Top quality electronic pet safe products.
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Pharao's Heart Cattery
Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald cats just for real cat lovers:-)
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PHT Pet Supply
Where low prices are not a thing of the past... but a reality!
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Picturebook persians
Breeding whites and Bi colour persians PKD negative lines, excellent pedigrees.
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Pocket Leopards Bengals
Bengal cats and kittens. We produce brown, silver and snow leopard spotted. Located in Sacramento CA
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Poshpets British Shorthair
A small UK based cattery specialising in colourpoints, selfs and associated torties ~ in dominant and dilute!
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Post Adoptable FeLV/FIV/FIP Cats/Kittens
Website where anyone may post a FeLV/FIV/FIP cat/kitten in need of rehoming. Please pass on this free resource, help us save lives!
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POWPETS! - Cat Lovers Network - Get connected with pet lovers from around the world! Discuss about your favourite pet in pet's forum. Share a photo of your pet and yourself! Create your own pet club! Get answers & expert advice on care of your pet
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Find cat health topics, cat breed info, cat name, humor, clipart and more!
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A site for all pet lovers to see their pets online. See if you can win the pet pic of the day! Also talk with other pet owners from around the world.
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Primprau's Korats
Primprau's is the first and only Korat cattery in Denmark. Working with diverse lines from Europe, US, and Thailand. Several breeders have Primprau's cats in their lines. The first Korat to become a FIFĂ© World Winner is Primprau's Meo Hao, one of the
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