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All About Cats
RED and POINT*PL is a cattery breeding persians,exotics and himalayans specializing in red, white-red and red point cats. All our cats are PKD DNA negative and possess FIFe pedigrees
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Reidun Svenssen
A big site about cats - in english & norwegian. Catnames - catlinks - catbreeders - cat info <^..^>
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Little lovely cornish rex cattery
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Rivendoll Ragdolls
We are a small family cattery situated in Mandurah Western Australia, dedicated to raising healthy, well socialised kittens completely content with living indoors. All kittens are fully registered and come with a Health Guarantee.
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Rocky Mountain Persians
Small family operated cageless Persian cattery located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
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Rolling Paws Persians
Small cattery located in Tel-Aviv, breeding bi-color persians,Van and Harlequin patterns,our cats blood lines come from Harwood,Bolo,Dearborn solution,Equinox,Marhei,Kyaleen...PKD free,Enjoy !
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ragdoll cattery in the netherlands. Traditonals including chocolate and lilacs
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A small CFA & FIFe registered cattery specializing in bicolor and tabby exotic shorthair & persian cats. Pictures, pedigrees and kittens for sale.
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S*AmiliiSibiri┬┤s, siberian cats
Siberian cattery in the middle of Sweden. We are a small home based cattery and have from time to time kittens available. Welcome to visit my homepage.
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Sabokah Burmese
We proudly breed stunning Burmese with temperaments and looks to die for!
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Samoa Gems cats
American Curl kittens from our imported grand international champion stud. You can buy quality at a very good price due to our weak currency in South Africa
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The largest and oldest group of Savannah cat breeders started by one of the original founders of the Savannah cat breed, Patrick Kelley.
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Selcia - Koci domek
Beautiful Add eyed White Persian and blue Persian. Excellent pedigrees, CFA registered, vaccinated, loving and lovable. Silky coats, expressive eyes, beautiful mascara. Please stop in and please visit our stunning cats. Shipping available!
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Sentimental Ragdolls
Registered Cattery in Ontario Canada. Big beautiful ragdolls quality USA imports. All colors possible. Family raised and guarenteed.
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ShallAdore Cats
Loving Gentle Himalayan Kittens and Persian Kittens. Our Sweeties are Bright Eyed Bundles of Fur with a playful nature. The kittens are raised underfoot with love, care and attention. ShallAdore is a Registered Cattery with TICA and CFA.
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