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All About Cats
Sharada Birmans Kitten Nursery
Sharada Birman Cattery, Victoria, Australia. A small cattery lovingly breeding Birman Kittens in the colours Seal,Blue, Chocolate and Lilac Points. Kittens available in the season for show,breeding,pet to suitable permanent loving homes.
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Sheila Walkers Guide To kittens
A guide to the care and development of kittens. Choosing, naming, feeding, etc. Awards, top cats sites. Get a free email address from Felinemail.
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A small non-cages cattery located in Ljubljana, Slovenia with Silver and Golden Persian cats.
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Siamese cattery luna queen
Siamese breeder an oriental cats with nice pedigree. they grow up in the livingroom
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Siberian Cat
Purebred pedigree Siberian cats with a dogs personality, affectionate, loyal and loving companions that are also hypoallergenic from a top Colorado Siberian Cat breeder.
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Siberian cat from cattery Z SASKIEJ KEPY*PL
Breeder located in Poland, site in English and German. Photographs and breed information.
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Siberian Cat Club of Finland
Breed Club for Siberian Cats in Finland. Pages in Finnish, English and Swedish. Breeder listing, available kittens,studs, picture gallery, show results.
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Sibirskiy Cattery
A small home based Siberian Cattery dedicated to raising Siberian Cats with consistancy of type, temperament and good health.
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Smoke&Cameos, Solids Small pkd DNA-tested cattery located in the South of Germany near the border to Salzburg. We are breeding for health and beauty.
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simplisticats bengals
Bengal Breeding Snow Spotted, Brown Marbled
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Unique cat tree furniture. Add your link! apply for a website award! enter our favorite feline contest!
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Some Moore Cats
All about the Moore cats, with lots of pictures, stories, games, contests and more for the cat lover! Learn about Maxwell's battle with feline leukemia, visit our growing cat resources directory, or send a postcard to a friend while you're there.
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Sorrentina Cattery
Breeder from Persians (Solids-Whites and sometimes Tabbies.
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Sphynx cattery VANDVIS
Sphynx cattery VANDVIS. Breeders of Sphynx cats and kittens, the hairless cat. Vandvis – is a small specialized cattery registered in TICA and WCF, dedicated to breeding Sphynx. Health guarantee. HCM tested cattery.
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Sphynx Of The Esmerald Dragon
We breed only sphynx. American and European lines. Really naked, typed, healthy and big colors choice. Lot of pics.
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