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All About Cats
We raise TICA reg. Sphynx cats and Exotic parrots. Home of Ch. Kopurrskat Tiggerman of Dalpat, winner of TICA's Best Sphynx Brown Mackerel Tabby 2001/2002
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SpoilMyKitty.Com was started as a labor of love for feline lovers, by feline lovers! Our mission is to bring high quality feline products from around the world to consumers at the lowest prices available.
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SpotsofGold Bengals
Breeder of Brown and Silver rosetted Bengal cats
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Stabob's Pet Houses
Handcrafted Outdoor Kitty Cat Houses
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Ste Colombe Cattery
Small cattery located in France. We raise with love Himalayans in all colors including Lynx point. Pedigree LOOF & CFA.
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Steph Dix Pet Portraits
High quality pencil pet portraits. No obligation to purchase unless 100% satisfied.
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Stormy Lee's Homepage
Main page is my cat, Stormy Lee's page. One page is my Husband's Navy Vietnam Page Two pages are personal pictures One page is for awards and links
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Strawbell Pedigree Cats
We are one of the Original Savannah Cat UK Breeders to invest a great deal of time and effort into patiently sourcing, selecting and importing premier quality Savannahs
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Stud Cats
Are you searching a stud cat or cattery (catteries)? Like to give your stud cats and/or cattery an international fame? This site will help you.
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Suite101 Cats Pages
This site has a biweekly articles, a gallery where you can add photos of your cats, surveys, loads of links and info, lively discussions and more.
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Sweet Colors Cattery
Sweet Colors Cattery, persian Cats Breeder, Portugal
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Talk Pets!
An online discussion group about pets. Lots of message boards to ask questions, post pictures and talk about cats, dogs or any other pets!
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british shoethairs in all colours including silver tabbies/spotties also exotics
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Tanisjka's Russian Blue
Meet our cats and hear about Tanisjka's Russian Blue cattery.
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