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Weird and Unusual
Mystery Book Cats
A guide to mystery books that have cats as important characters.
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Pfsstcats Munchkin Cattery
Sweet cats on small legs. Chocolates, Lilacs, Cinnamons, Browns, Blues, Blacks in the unique marble, colorpoint, spotted, classic, and solid. Shipping option, pet/breeder/show, health guarantee.
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Puddy the bird cat
A cat that lives with a bird and their best of friends
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Purrrrrrrfect Cats
Our kitties rate the contests!
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Ragamuffin's Cat Quotes
A collection of quips, quotes and observations about the Tribe of Tiger
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Scottish Folds on the Web - Jerome's Home
The home of a cool solid blue Scottish Fold. Learn all about these unusual cats whose ears fold down. Come meet Jerome and his Fold buddies from around the world.
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Unique cat tree furniture. Add your link! apply for a website award! enter our favorite feline contest!
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SkinDLite Cattery
Hairless cat breeder SkinDLite has adoptable Sphynx cats/kittens of the highest possible quality.
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Skittles Cam
A 24/7 Web Cam, with a diary, archive, reviews, activities, health information, media, ideas and more
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Steve the Cat
The wild adventures of Steve the Cat. Steve’s keen intellect, along with his predilection for dancing, has quickly established him as one of the Internet's hippest cats.
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Sunset Media Services
"Catastrophy" A 25 minute cat novelty video. A complete cat story with narration, voices, music, comedy and cats. Has a comedic sitcom type of humor. Also contains behind the scene interviews with the stars. (who are cats)
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Terbear Collectibles
Felix Kit Cat Clocks best selection & best prices on the net! Order online.
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Thaddy's Little Contest
Photo contest for cats and other pets.
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The Brittlovers
Homepage about the breed British shorthair, with pedigrees photoes breedhistory etc breeders,kittens,studs
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The Kitty Kollab
This is a writing collaboration for people whose lives intimately involve some sort of feline. You are invited to tell your amazing or amusing stories, ponder the thoughts of your furry companion, or just plain brag.
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