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Crijo Pet Products
Fine Distincive Cat Furniture, The Preferred Choice of Veterinarians
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Critter Pet Supplies
Quality pet supplies delivered right to your door. Save on gas, fast shipping. Great items, such as cat doors, furniture, electronic training, collars, cat pan covers, dewormers, toys, and much much more waiting to be seen to spoil your little critter!
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Deafness in Dogs & Cats
Information on causes of deafness, diagnosis, and techniques for living with affected animals.
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Diabetic Cat Care
A site to learn how to treat and even cure Feline Diabetes, based on a new vet protocol. With lots more info on diet, etc.
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Dr. Cookie
Veterinary behavior consultant and award-winning author Dr. Stefanie Schwartz can help with your misbehaving pet!
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Esther Smiesing
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Feline Advisory Bureau
UK charity devoted to the health & welfare of cats. Information about the charity and numerous feline diseases & problems.
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Feline Diabetes
The original web site concerning diabetes in cats.
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FLAVORx Veterinary Website
FLAVORx is a pharmaceutical flavoring system used by veterinarians, and loved by pets across the world to safely improve the taste and smell of liquid prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicine.
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Girard Pet Supply Store
Girard Pet Supply Store
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Golferlink ist ein umfangreiches Portal für den Golf Sport. Unter anderem finden sich hier Links zu aktuellen Nachrichten, dem Golf Wetter, Golf Clubs, Golf Handicap, Golfplätze, Golf Reisen und mehr
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Where friends of the environment shop for pet supplies.
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Heathrow Air Ambulance
global medical repatriation on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year providing global service.
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An on-line cat-lovers resource created by a certified feline specialist. How to keep your cat happy & healthy... holistic products, educational videos and a GUARANTEED solution to litter box odor!
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Horse Smarts, Inc. - Equine & Pet Supplies
Offering a full line of Pet and Equine health care supplies and supplements. Including everything you need to protect your pet from Fleas and Ticks.
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