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Animal Welfare
Connecticut Cat Rescue Website
A site with messageboards where Connecticut and area Cat Owners can post messages about cats for adoption, lost cats, found cats, and all kinds of things. We have listings of local shelters and resources for cat folks too.
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Creative Compounds
At Creative Compounds, we compound medications for animals that are tasty and easy to administer.
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Creative Compounds Pharmacy
At Creative Compounds, we compound medications for animals that are tasty and easy to administer. We have many different flavors available including alfalfa, cheese, fruits, meats, fish and even peanut butter.
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Dog Breeders with Available Puppies
Learn why research before buying a dog is crucial to finding a healthy dog. Don’t be fooled, find the best breeder for you.
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Domino's House
Domino's House is a special adoption cattery offering a healthy, safe and loving environment for kittens and cats. It is a place where cats can become kittens again and kittens can grow up to enjoy the love of a caring family when adopted.
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Esther Smiesing
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Feline Groovy!
A site for cat owners and fans everywhere, with message forum, links, and details of cats needing homes in the UK.
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Feline Rescue Foundation of Alberta
FRFA is a registered charity that provides rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing for cats living on the streets.
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Feral Cat Coalition
This site contains a large amount of information related to dealing with feral cats. The Feral Cat Coalition is an ALL volunteer group that provides free spay/neuter for ferals in the San Diego area.
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Feral Cat Network
Started in 2003 as part of The Animal Spirit, Feral Cat Network was created to help decrease the amount of homeless domestic cats, while providing care for the existing homeless population.
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Feral cats
This is not a shelter nor an organization. I am just a 15-year old girl taking care of 41 stray cats and kittens.
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Friends of Animals
Friends of Animals is an international animal rights and protection organization working to abolish the abuse inflicted by humans on non-human animals and to achieve a respectful, compassionate ethic in all relations between animals and people.
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Fritz the Brave! Feline Asthma Resource Site
Describes feline asthma symptoms, diagnosis, and a range of treatments from the human caretaker's perspective. Special focus on inhaled asthma medications.
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Harry's Cat Links for Cat People
20+ pages of interest to cat people: cat history and current welfare issues, feline care and vet links, featured cat art (online exhibits, museums and retailers), books, crafts, fabrics, gifts and more.
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Humane Society of Greater Akron (OH)
Adoptable cats, wish list for shelter needs, donations, memorials, honorariums.
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