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Cat Grace
Affordable cat furniture for your fabulous felines; a model for every home, large or small.
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Cat Insurance
Take a look at the range of cat insurance policies from Petplan - the pet people and find the right cover for your cat.
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Cat Toy of the Month
Featuring a different organic catnip cat toy for each month of the year, sent to you, or to a friend as a gift. They also offer gift certificates. You can specify NON-catnip toys if preferred. Play the "Evil Mice" game, it's fun!
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Cat Tree Plans
Simple, easy to follow plans to build cat trees and cat furniture. Step by step directions with detailed pictures.
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Cat's "Odor Free" STOPS All Cat & Litter Box Odors... Guaranteed!
Simply spray on your cat's food! Eliminates Urine/stool odors, bad breath, body/gas odors! No more smelly furniture/carpets! Within 30 days, 95-100% effective - Guaranteed! FDA approved active ingredient for pets. Great taste!
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cat-creative designer collars for the discerning feline
cat-creative. Not just about the fur ball on paws (just?) cat-creative originality creativity designer collars exclusively: cat-creative.
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Catnip Connection
Makes shopping for the best brands of catnip easy. We carry many organic catnips, grown free from pesticides and chemicals. Your cat deserves the freshest most aromatic catnip you can buy.
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Catnip, Cat Toys, Cat Fabrics and Specialty Cat Gifts with "Cattitude"
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Catsbuzz Bookstore
Cats-only online bookstore. More than 2000 cat and kitten books. Savings to 30%. Proceeds help cats and cat organizations.
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The next generation litter-box that can toilet train your cat!
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The cats low frequency purring help you or your baby to fall asleep.
(Added: 08/24/08 Votes: ) Vote for us! Cat Furniture sells high quality cat furniture and climbing gyms. Units include beds, hammocks, tower trees and sisal rope scratching poles in many color selections. Free shipping.
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CatStruction Company
Manufacturers of the Ultimate Luxury Hammock for Cats!
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Catstuff by Stonamals
Unique and Outstanding Clothing and Gifts for Cat Lovers Everywhere.
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Cattery World Cat Furniture
Beautiful and exotic quality built cat furniture. We custom build furniture to your cats needs at reasonable prices.
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