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Evinea Cattery
Information about the Old-Style Siamese and Thai Cats.
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Feline Fanciers of the Philippines, Inc.
CFA affiliated all-breed cat club based in Manila,Philippines. It is the only cat club existed in the Philippines with over 200 members.
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Feral Cat Network
Started in 2003 as part of The Animal Spirit, Feral Cat Network was created to help decrease the amount of homeless domestic cats, while providing care for the existing homeless population.
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Friends of Animals
Friends of Animals is an international animal rights and protection organization working to abolish the abuse inflicted by humans on non-human animals and to achieve a respectful, compassionate ethic in all relations between animals and people.
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Harry's Cat Links for Cat People
20+ pages of interest to cat people: cat history and current welfare issues, feline care and vet links, featured cat art (online exhibits, museums and retailers), books, crafts, fabrics, gifts and more.
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An on-line cat-lovers resource created by a certified feline specialist. How to keep your cat happy & healthy... holistic products, educational videos and a GUARANTEED solution to litter box odor!
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ICOONS Maine Coon Cats
Icoons Maine Coons is a Maine Coon Cattery located in Youngstown, Florida just outside of Panama City. We strive to breed Maine Coons with excellent type, health and temperament.
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Jasmine's Confessions of a Cat Breeder
How to breed, raise, buy and sell purebred cats and kittens. Free online consultations with cattery expert, Jasmine. Solve feline behaviour problems in the cattery and home. How to buy a pedigreed kitten. True stories of incredible cats.
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Kat's Korner
Kat's Korner is an homage page to the cat Goddess, Bast. I explain a little bit about her and her worship in Ancient Egypt. But one cannot talk about Bast without talking about all her little (and big!) children! Come learn about her causes and place your
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Very nice web site of cats.
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Little Purrs
A cat site for and by cat lovers with a little bit of everything
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Maine Coon Forum
Discussion group and information resource devoted to the wonderful maine coon.
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We are a Siberian (no Neva) cattery located in Brussels, Belgium. You will find pictures, pedigree and information on this site.
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Mondo Felis
Premier site europeens en plusieurs langues Tous sur le LOOF - toutes les lois depuis 1947 - la génétique - les pages veterinaires - les galeries photos - recherche de chatons à vendre etc
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Offers excellent pet information, articles and resources by cat type and breed, also includes dogs, birds, and fish.
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