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All About Cats
Andre's Homepage
Come and win my purrfect site award! And meet me Andre the cat with attitude, I have photo's,Cat care & health info,a jigsaw puzzle of me,a diary,a dear Andre page, banner exchange, cat humour and much more! UPDATED; I now have 2 New Awards!!
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Breeding persians and himalayans.
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Animal Portraiture by Pauline Gledhill
Beautiful watercolour paintings and pencil drawings of animals taken from your photographs.
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Animals R Us.Net
We have excellent life-like looking handcrafted furry animals for you to love! We have cats, dogs, rabbits, cows, pugs, beagles, tigers, lions, monkeys, wolves, bears, and much much more.
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The most important multimedia website based in Paris for Cat Lovers all over the world!
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Breeds of Abyssinian and arabians horses
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Arbiter elegantiarium - Russian Blue Cats
We ´ve a small amateur breeding in Nuremberg/Bavaria/Germany. Our breeding aim ´re healthy cats with friendly nature after English race standard. For more information and photos please visit our homepage.
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Art by Brian Kliewer
The paintings of Maine artist Brian Kliewer. Pet Portraits on commission.
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Artistically Designed Cat Furniture!
Manufacturers of Quality Handemade cat furniture, cat trees and cat condos. Only the best for your "kids".
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Ask Ms Stinky
This web site offers advice for felines and their humans. We talk about grooming, health isses, cat products, cat gifts and human gifts .
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Aston Woods Pixie-bobs and Custom Pet Beds
TICA Registered Pixie-Bobs and Custom pet beds. No job too big or too small.
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Attention I Am
wij fokken met Britse korthaar en scottish fold. wij hebben een groot hart voor onze dieren en alle andere dieren daarom willen we onze kittens dan ook in even liefdevolle omgeving plaatsen. fokken volgens de oude waarden is hierbij een grote hulp.
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Australian Cats
This is what is happening to cats in Australia.
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Av Londra Norwegian Forestcats
Small attery in Germany with Denish, Swedish and German lines.Small Cattery in Germany with Swedish, Denish and German lines. Take a look on nice pictures and feel free to contact us.
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Avalon Savannah Cats and Kittens
This site features information about the breed including, picture gallery, "bringing home a new kitten," feeding advice, care, a perspective on declawing, early spay/neuter, Savannah cat standard and more.
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