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Cat - Unique Cat Sculptures
A Gallery of very unusual Cats. Beautiful colors, these Life-size papermache/clay sculptures will add beauty and warmth to your home.
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Cat Tree Plans
Simple, easy to follow plans to build cat trees and cat furniture. Step by step directions with detailed pictures.
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Cat-World is a site with info on cat care, breeder listings, links & forums.
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world cat links
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Buy scratch posts from We understand your cats needs to scratch.
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CatPsych - Resolving Feline Behavioral Problems
Our mission is to provide cat owners with the knowledge to use positive reinforcement and environmental changes to their advantage in order to extinguish unwanted cat behaviors. This is accomplished through in-home or over-the-phone consultations.
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Cats & Feline ... Katten, Katers, Poezen ...
Lots and lots of links about cats, and more...
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Cats in black & white photographs
This picture album shows homeless street cats in their daily struggle for survival, as well as pampered pet cats. The black and white pictures guide the reader's eye in a direct way to the statements that are being made.
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Cattery Britney
Small cattery in the Netherlands. British shorthair; blue,chocolate,lilac,particolors, harlekin and van. All our cats live inside our house. There is not one cat kept in a cage!
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Cattery Los Califas
Siamese and Oriental to modern type .Especialized to Chocolate , Cinnamon and Red. Solid , Tabbys and Silvers.
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Cattery of Siberian cats "Knyaz Gvidon"
Site of Cattery "Knyaz Gvidon". We are specializing in Siberian cats. Here you can find a story of our cattery, admire photos of our cats and kittens, find some new facts about Siberian breed and chose a kitten.
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Cattery of the Siberian Cats
We are a beautiful Siberian and Neva Masquerade cattery in the Netherlands.We are tested for HCM,PKD,FIV and FeLV.You can find information on the breed and our cattery.Also some lovely pictures of are cats.
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cattery Ruslana
A small DNA PKD-tested and CFA & FIFe registered cattery specializing in bicolor and tabby exotic shorthair & persian cats.
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A site where you can submitt your cattery site.
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Website concerned with all things chocolate in felines - UK orientated and for ALL breeds
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