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Mystre Bengals
Mystre Bengals home to Bengal cats with a superior temperament. Regional Winning Supreme Grand Champion Show Cats.
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Organic Catz
The only website dedicated to Organic and Natural Cat Food at the best prices on the internet. Only the best for your cat!
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Packing Moving Boxes Tips
Guide to packing moving boxes properly. Helpful information on using packing supplies and much more.
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Paws On-Line
Easy to navigate, and packed with a wealth of information about cats.
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Paws On-Line
Easy to navigate, and packed with a wealth of information about cats
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Pedigree Cat Breeder's Society. Organization
Attention Buyer's...Before you purchase your next pedigree cat/kitten check with this first to find out WHOM not to purchase from.
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Pelaqita Persians
CFA registered Persian Cattery of Excellence (expires 1/09/09). Information on Persian cats, early spay/neuter programs, Persian cats health issues, food recommendations, grooming Persian cats, and much more.
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Perfect Paws Cat Training and Behavior Center
Cat Training and Behavior.
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Pet health tips
Tips to keep your pet healthy and happy
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Pet Loss Alternative Option
as seen on National Geographic, pet preservation, also known as freeze dry taxidermy, is the comforting alternative to your pet's burial or cremation. Services available for cats, dogs and most other family pets.
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Petmar Persians
Breeding Persians in CFA since 1984 . PKD tested bicolors , calicos and tabbies . Located in eastern Virginia .
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Large comprehensive pet site featuring both cats and dogs. Find detailed info on anatomy, choosing a cat, safety, health, diseases, natural and holistic care,nutrition, training and more. Shop for pet supplies, books and more... A MUST SEE
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Phildelphia Community Cats Council
Philadelphia Community Cats Council is an all volunteer 501(c)3 non profit organization that works with the stray and feral cats of Phildelphia through TNR and finding homes for the adoptable cats and kittens.
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premium natural pet foods for cats an dogs.
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Primprau's Korats
Primprau's is the first and only Korat cattery in Denmark. Working with diverse lines from Europe, US, and Thailand. Several breeders have Primprau's cats in their lines. The first Korat to become a FIFĂ© World Winner is Primprau's Meo Hao, one of the
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