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All About Cats
Barecats Sphynx Cats
Breeders of Sphynx kittens. Raised in home and well socialized. Will ship
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Battle Creek Maine Coon
Small cattery in the middle of germany.We breed with old and new bloodlines big beautyful and healthy Cats.Sometimes kitten in Creme, Smoke,Silver and all Tabbys-kombinationen.Visit our homepage for more information.
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We're all about the 6 kitties and 5 angels that own us, we have lots of great photo's, info on FeLV, something we live with daily and sooooooo much more. Come on in the doors open, just don't let the cats out!!
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Bengal Stud Cats
This site has been created to help owners of registered Bengal Queens find a suitable mating partner for their cat
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Best Cat Tips
Find answers to a wide variety of cat health and cat care questions. Enjoy our free cat forum and newsletter. Showcase your cat with our Cat of the Month!
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This site brings all that is best in cat art, together in one place for you. Cat paintings, prints, posters, gifts, calendars and books. Looking for that ideal feline picture for yourself? Or searching for a pleasing cat art gift for a friend?
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Big Pooh
Big Pooh is a website dedicated to Big Pooh, a cat living in Arlington Texas, and his plot to overthrow the world. Yes, he is overweight.
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CFA Reg'd cattery, showing in CFA and Tica.GC lines in Bi-colors and solids of mostly smokes and tabbies. Lines we work with are Pajean,Woodspirit,Funshine,Bolo, and Shelbie. We ship and stand behind our breedings.
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Bizzy Kitty Cattery
persian, himalayan breeder. Home raised CFA registered cattery, Maine state, shipping in USA
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Breeding F2 through SBT Bengals, Top Quality with great personalities
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Books on Cats: Thomas's Choice
Books on cats from Thomas (the cat)'s bookshelf, a selection of books for cat-lovers about cats and cat stories, advice, information, and entertainment.
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Breeders Domain
International directory of cat breeders.
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Briarmist Persians
A small home orientated cattery based in the UK specialising in Dilute Self, Bicolour and Calico.
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Britisch Kurzhaar GracefulCats
We are from Germany, living with these beautiful cats! We breed British Shorthair in the colours, silver tabby, golden shaded and colourpoint. Welcome to our homepage!
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British Blue Kittens
Pedigree British Blue Shorthair Kitten Breeder
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