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Cat Shows
Picturebook persians
Breeding whites and Bi colour persians PKD negative lines, excellent pedigrees.
(Added: 03/20/08 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Longhairs and exotics in solid and tabby ,with or without white with that special look !
(Added: 07/19/06 Votes: ) Vote for us!

CFA breeder located in Arizona. I show and breed Solids including Whites
(Added: 10/12/03 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Purrdreamz Persians
Bi colour persians excellent pedigrees, PKD negative lines. Cageless cattery.
(Added: 03/20/08 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Purrfurred Cattery
This is a small cattery in Tampa, Fl., specializing in the Munchkin Cat breed.
(Added: 04/01/02 Votes: ) Vote for us!

We have little home cattery.
(Added: 10/26/07 Votes: ) Vote for us!

RaggleRock Ragdolls Canada
Kittens in traditional colors & rare MINK. CCA TICA CFA registered. Website has a discussion forum & chatroom.
(Added: 11/17/03 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Rolling Paws Persians
Small cattery located in Tel-Aviv, breeding bi-color persians,Van and Harlequin patterns,our cats blood lines come from Harwood,Bolo,Dearborn solution,Equinox,Marhei,Kyaleen...PKD free,Enjoy !
(Added: 12/29/02 Votes: ) Vote for us!

S*AmiliiSibiri┬┤s, siberian cats
Siberian cattery in the middle of Sweden. We are a small home based cattery and have from time to time kittens available. Welcome to visit my homepage.
(Added: 10/30/09 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Sabokah Burmese
We proudly breed stunning Burmese with temperaments and looks to die for!
(Added: 01/09/08 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Savannah Cat Club GB
Cat club for Savannah cars
(Added: 01/21/09 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Scottish fold Doux Coeurs
We are breeding scottish fold and british in France. We love solid and tabby colors.
(Added: 03/10/10 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Selcia - Koci domek
Beautiful Add eyed White Persian and blue Persian. Excellent pedigrees, CFA registered, vaccinated, loving and lovable. Silky coats, expressive eyes, beautiful mascara. Please stop in and please visit our stunning cats. Shipping available!
(Added: 01/31/09 Votes: ) Vote for us!

Short Haired Cats
Find the best breed of cat for you. Choose from short haired cats like the Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Sphynx and Oriental Siamese Cats.
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Rexcats at show
(Added: 03/11/03 Votes: ) Vote for us!

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