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Animal Welfare
The Regency Cattery Persian Particolore/Smoke
Breeder PERSAN Particolore and Smoke (10 year).
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The Renaissance Feral Cat Colony
Site includes photos, photo shows, ecards, chat room, informational cat related sites, bulletin board, free site links and much, much more!
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Cat and dog information website with a lost and found pet section
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Tuhina Bengal Cats
A very informative site about the bengal cat. Also includes cat health and care. Bengal books available online. Kittens available
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United Cats
A practical and amusing guide to cats of all sizes, with regularly updated cat news. Cat questions answered. Also includes calicos, facts, history, care, stories, spirituality, pictures, and resources.
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WildLife on Easy Street
World's Largest collection of exotic and endangered cats with photos and sounds.
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Willows Animal Sanctuary
Willows Animal Sanctuary in the North east of Scotland is home to over 300 rescued animals.
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Windowscreens UK
Our flyscreens enable you to keep your precious cat safely inside while opening windows or doors for full ventilation, without flying insects. We also now offer super tough Pet Mesh as an option.
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