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Personal Pages
Le Club Fur Himalayans
Located in the Ozarks, Le Club Fur produces healthy, happy, Himalayan cats and kittens. CFA registered. PKD scanned.
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Leena's boys
This site is about my lovely cats. They all have their personalities.
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Small cattery working with Bengals, Chausies, and Serengetis.
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Lynnefae's Cats Home Page
Photos of my brown tabbies Tigger and Tasha and miscellaneous cat stuff. Includes original Catmas carols and paper collectibles such as postcards, Victorian trade cards, and Valentines.
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Mabalakat Maine Coons
We are a small breeding cattery in central UK. Home of GR CH Mabalakat Flash Harry, our impressive stud boy. We breed all colour combinations, except solid white.
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maestro nell'arte del presepe e pittura
materia e colori con manifestazioni in tutta italia sensa scopo di lucro potete ammirare il presepe piu grande del mondo
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Maine Coon Boygroup
Website about my Maine Coon Boys with Photos and Videos
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Maine Coon Cattery Katjans's Dream Corner
We are a small Maine Coon Cattery from Belgium still growing strong , with great passion and love for our cats. We seek to produce quality Maine Coon's, leaning as close as possible to the breed standard.come and take a look at our site.
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maine coon cattery La-Restinga
we are a small cattery in holland
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Maine Coon Crazy
We're crazy about Mainer Coons! Drop in to see our beautiful fur babies, and to share thoughts and tips on the Maine Coon breed.
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Marie's Bengals
Browse a summary of the history and characteristics of the Bengal Cat and meet webmistress Marie's four Bengal Cats, Brown Spotted Amber and Jet, and Snow Bengals Arctic and Lunar
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Markus & Cornelias Katzenhomepage
Many Pictures from our four British-Shorthair-Cats
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Meow City
A Peaceful place for all to visit! Humans can learn what we have to teach!
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Midnight's Den
All about me. I'm a long haired black male kitty. I belong to lots of clubs and like to make new friends.
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My cat Wally
my best friend in the whole world
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