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Art and Graphics
Maria Sochaniewicz - Fine Artist
Paintings, drawings and illustrations by Maria Sochaniewicz. Cats in Drawings and Paintings. Abstract art, Mixed media, Works on Paper. Graphic design. Photography
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Meowow Wild Cat Spirits
Discover your kitty's wild big cat spirit by answering some behavior questions... become entangled in the jungle of her eyes. Submit photos of your cat and see its wild spirit materialize!
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Miracle Chicken Urns
Hand carved custom miniature animals for the dollhouse,(YOUR cat by the fireplace...) for gifts or the personalization of pet cremation urns.
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Modern Cat - Kathy Womack Fine Artist
Kathy Womack is a fine artist whose work features cats, wine and flowers, still lifes, people, etc. Also has a line of contemporary gift items for Cat Lovers (T-shirts, Totes, mugs).
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Mythical Image
Laurel Burch Posters Prints. Limited variety. Laurel is famous for her Cat designs. All vintage posters made by interart.
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ND ARTS - Home
NDARTS.CA - Providing 3D, software, graphic and web solutions with the latest skills and technologies. Giving our clients an advantage over the competition, and leverage power of computers to do new, more diversified services.
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Of Moonlight Cats
Im breed Maine Coon and Siamese for Breed and Show in most colors.
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Painted Cat
Original paintings by Jean E. Kreiling plus photos and a fur-raising story about cat clones.
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Painted rocks Sassogatto
Custom made portraits of cats on rock.
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Cat portraits from your own photographs, sensitively created by UK artist Lorraine Clivery
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Pet Memorials Pet Memorial Markers
Engraved river rock and sandstone pet memorials.
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Pet Paintings by artist Rachael Dillman
Impressionist paintings of your pet by artist Rachael Dillman
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Pet Portraits by Annieo
Pet Portraits by Annieo offers oil paintings on canvas, little easels, and plates. Paintings may include any number of animals or people, or even collages of multiple images.
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Pet Portraits by Betty
Pet portrait paintings of pets done from photos capturing your beloved friend in a loving sentiment. Brushes and signs with your pet's own picture painted on it. Paintings and sketches of pets for sale.
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Pet Portraits by Dale Lewis
Fine pet portraiture, characterized by a high degree of accuracy and detail, beautiful richness of color, and by a deep love for the pets whose loving companionship so enriches our lives.
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