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All About Cats
Cat-Quotes is a site that offers different areas dedicated to quotes about cats. It contains a list of famous quotes, cat gift items, online puzzles, trivia, free downloads, and links to other cool cat sites.
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Cat-World is a site with info on cat care, breeder listings, links & forums.
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world cat links
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Buy scratch posts from We understand your cats needs to scratch.
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Cat´s Forever
All of the cat´s. Coomo son los gatos. photo, links, life, history.
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Check out catclub: cat facts, cat fun, cat care, kitten fun, shop and cat chat! 'We're cats thats our job'!
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Catery Similas al Sono
a small cattery in Roermond the Netherlands with britisch shorthair en longhair cats in Black Shaded Silver,Chocolate,creme,lilac and cinamon. We also show our kittens live on the internet with severel webcams.
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a page dedicated to my persian cats and to all other cats with information and photos about cats
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CatKB - Forums for Cat Lovers
The largest forums about cats, their behavior, health, food, grooming, and toys.
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Catnip Connection
Makes shopping for the best brands of catnip easy. We carry many organic catnips, grown free from pesticides and chemicals. Your cat deserves the freshest most aromatic catnip you can buy.
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Catnip, Cat Toys, Cat Fabrics and Specialty Cat Gifts with "Cattitude"
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Catokismet Ragdolls
Beautiful ragdoll kittens raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont
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CatPsych - Resolving Feline Behavioral Problems
Our mission is to provide cat owners with the knowledge to use positive reinforcement and environmental changes to their advantage in order to extinguish unwanted cat behaviors. This is accomplished through in-home or over-the-phone consultations.
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A site about cats that discusses everything feline!
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Cats & Feline ... Katten, Katers, Poezen ...
Lots and lots of links about cats, and more...
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