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""OceanPurrls BiColor & Solid White Persians
Oceanpurrls specializing in CFA Top quality Persians for showing ,breeding and pet. we our known excusivly for the sweetest looks & dispositions on our persians . Specializing in Van bicolors and solid whites, all with top CFA NW,RW GC Pedigree's
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A British Shorthair von Luanda
We are a Hobby Cattery specializing in blue and lilac.
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Abyssinians from Merindalee
Australian Abyssinian cat breeders. Quality house raised kittens in Ruddy and Red with availability updated regularly. Interesting facts about the breed and many Photos of our Abyssinians.
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Adkelekatts Norwegian Forest Cats
Big, Bold and Beautiful! Small breeder of Norwegian Forest Cats, in Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK. Kittens sometimes available to loving homes, home reared in our busy household.Full pedigree, FIFE reg, fully Vaccinated.
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Adkelekatts Norwegian Forest cats
Small hobby breeders, we now have 4 Big, Gorgeous babies available!
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Persian and Exotic cattery in Ukraine. We specialize on tabbies, bi-colors, color point.But in the same way don sphinx
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Amazing Ravini Cat's
We have a small Maine Coon & Birman Cattery in Belgium.
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We are a Dutch Norwegian Forestcat cattery. You can find everything about our cats on our site.
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Arizona Sphynx
This is the home of Arizona Sphynx. Breeder of the Sphynx breed of cat.
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Azorez Siamese and Orientals Cattery
Azorez Cattery is a small cattery located near Vancouver Canada We breed Quality Siamese, Seychellois with Cinnamon Orientals, Blue Eyed White and Bi-Color with Cinnamon And specializing Red/Tortie and Lynx point Colorpoint Shorthair Cats.
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Barbidolz Ragdoll Cattery
Small in home cattery where our cats are our pets first. We raise these babies with lots of love and attention. Know for our well socialized kittens.
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Sphynx cattery in Littleton Colorado raising Quality Sphynx kittens. Will ship within the United States. Contract, shots, neutering or spaying included in the price of the kitten. Shipping is additional.
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BAROCCO persian and sphynx
Barocco is a belgian cattery in a private house, cfa registered, hcm, pkd ,felv, fiv, tested negative, persian and sphinx,are family members!!!...
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BELOGORIE cattery Himalayans, Persian & Exotics silver-tabby
Himalayans & Exotics cattery BELOGORIE located in Russia, registered with CFA. Specialized in Himalayans, including Lynx Point, Exotics tabby, silver tabby. Our breeding is to create healthy, show quality kittens. PKD testing cattery.
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Bengalcats of Chadna
Small TICA registered Bengal breeding cattery in Germany, particularly black rosetted Bengalcats. Our cats are from excellent US and Australien blood lines.
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Bengalcats of Chadna
Small TICA and BKP registered Bengal breeding cattery in Germany, particularly black rosetted Bengalcats. Our cats are from excellent US and Australien blood lines.
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Berkano Maine Coons
Our cats live with us at home, they sleep with us and they are warm on winter and air conditioned on summer. Our cats' health is the most important for us, because they are members of our family.
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Bizzy Kitty Cattery
persian, himalayan breeder. Home raised CFA registered cattery, Maine state, shipping in USA
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BKH von Rennert
We are a small cattery, who breed healthy, confident and typefull BSH, in point and silver tabby. But look for yourself
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